Cammy LeeAnn

Uncle Dylan had some bonding time with the #LittleMoon, or as he calls her, #Appa. They’re so cute ☺️❤️🌛 (at the homestead)

Majestic Disorder ~ Carly Brown Photography
Little moon is the best morning cuddle buddy ☺️🌛❤️#MamaLove #SnugglesAndCuddles #LittleMoon #GoodMorning (at the homestead)

Going blonde

Because I’m bored with my hair, but I don’t wanna cut it…
I might end up platinum by the end of the year…


“I will answer them before they even call to Me…: (Isaiah 65:24, NLT). Have you ever thought about something you wanted or needed, and suddenly that need was supplied even before you had time to stop and pray? God knows your needs before you even speak them. He wants to provide for you and answer the very desires of your heart. Don’t ever think God is too busy to answer you. Don’t ever think your needs are too small or that you don’t matter. The truth is that He cares about everything that concerns you, and He loves to hear you call upon His name! When you put Him first in everything you do, when you faithfully follow His commands, He’ll pour out an extra portion of His goodness and favor upon you!
Remember, you are very special to God, and He hears you and answers you. It may not be in your timing or in the way you expected, but know that He always has your best interest at heart. He is working things out for your good, and He will always answer—sometimes before you even call!
Received two amazing packages in the mail today! Sofia’s feeling the love from Aunt Kelly and her big cousin Caya! You guys are wonderful, thank you so much! @clareychild #Hobbit #CousinLove #LittleMoon 🌛❤️ (at the homestead)

That was supposed to be just a quick and simple mermaid drawing, but then I did a background. What’s gotten into me?!

Someone make like a Disney movie out of this perfection.